What do Monke Bars taste like?

Monke Bars are very mild and lightly-sweetened with monk fruit to give it a rich and creamy 'fudge-like' consistency.  The second bite is the best bite as your taste buds acclimate and allow for the flavors to fully develop!  The overall subtle nutty flavor blends itself into just the right amount of salty dark chocolate and almond bits with a delicate touch of sweetness.
Those either on a low-carb diet or who have kicked their sugar habit are much more sensitive to sweetness and are not looking for a candy bar...rest assured however, as you continue enjoying the Monke Bar, you'll be amazed as the sweetness slowly develops with each bite!

What's different about your low-carb bars?

Our Monke Bars are different from other low-carb and protein bars because, by design, they're lower in calories, high in fat, and have very few net carbs.  Most importantly, Monke Bars only use familiar, organic, and ethically-sourced ingredients that one might find in their own kitchen.

What makes it sweet?

We use monk fruit, also called luo han guo, which is a natural sweetener found in the fruit that's been cultivated from South Asia for over 800 years.^  The understated sweetness of monk fruit has a similar flavor profile to sugar, so you won't experience any off after-taste in Monke Bars.

Why not use sugar, stevia, or erythritol?

We deliberately chose to avoid any sweetener that has even the slightest negative side effect or a potential to register on the Glycemic Index scale.  This makes it a perfect snack for diabetics too!
Sugar (sucrose) has a Glycemic Index of 65; it's addictive, metabolism-destroying, increases your risk of heart disease, and several other health detriments.  Erythritol (a sugar alcohol) has a Glycemix Index of 1 and is sourced from either corn or wheat starch; however, when derived from GMO cornstarch, erythritol can have negative consequences to your health.^
Monk fruit, on the other hand, has a Glycemic Index of 0, maintains the same health benefits that erythritol has the possibility to offer, but without all the potential negative side effects; it's the safer alternative.  Monk fruit has even been linked to helping lower your blood sugar levels!^^^

What are 'natural flavorings'?

The natural flavoring added to Monke Bars is simply almond extract which enhances the delicious nutty flavor without adding 'too much' crunch.