Our Mission

Hi!  My name is Celena and I created the Monke Bar!
Celena Monke Bar Ketobsessed, LLC Owner
What began as my family and I delving into the ketogenic lifestyle as an easy way to drop our extra pounds, quickly turned into a passion, one could even say...an obsession!   The more I learned about what I had been putting into my body, the more I was disgusted with deceptive and unreliably-sourced food.  Although the ketogenic diet is increasing in popularity, the variety of keto-friendly pre-made snacks are still limited, especially for those health-nuts that are concerned with consuming only all-natural, real ingredients.

If you care about where your food comes from, you're in the right place!

I designed the Monke Bar to be the high-quality nutrition bar with ethically-sourced organic ingredients that it is today without sacrificing the all-important macro nutrients; best of all, it tastes great.
Monke Bars are different from other low-carb and protein bars because, by design it's low calorie but high fat, and isn't disguised as anything other than a healthy keto bar!
Got questions?  Check out the FAQ for more information about the Monke Bar.
Got more questions?  Email us at info@ketobsessed.com